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Hair Removal Methods

Please see our information about:

  • Laser Hair Removal

    Laser Hair Removal is a quick and easy way to reduce the amount of unwanted hair on the body. This form of hair removal utilizes lasers that emit a beam of light that passes through the skin which is then absorbed into the hair follicle. This light energy is transformed into heat so that is can disable the follicle. Different lasers are used depending on different skin types. Today, individuals with skin tones ranging from white to dark/tan are able to reduce un-wanted hair with positive results.

  • Individuals will need to receive multiple treatments in order to completely disable the hair follicles. Most people need anywhere from three to six treatments, but some might more. Skin types, coarseness of hair as well as hair color all contribute to the amount of treatments needed. This is a safe, quick and effective way to solve the problem of unwanted hair.

    You can find more information on affordable laser hair removal at This site also has an extensive directory of laser hair removal clinics throughout the U.S.A. and Canada .

  • Electrolysis

    Electrolysis can be a permanent solution to an unwanted hair problem. While it is one of many forms of hair removal, it is the only permanent method. Using a tool called an ‘Epilator' each individual hair is treated by inserting a tiny surgical probe into the hair follicle and directing an impulse of energy down to the root of the hair. The energy impulse causes localized damage to the area surrounding the hair. Electrolysis cannot be completed in one treatment, it is a weakening process. Each treatment causes the hairs directly treated, to die, but the energy impulse stimulates new hair growth directly around the area previously damaged. The new hair grows finer and thinner, so they are less noticeable. Each additional procedure will treat these new hairs until the growth stops completely. This is a very slow and exact process, but the time and care taken ensures permanent results. One downfall of electrolysis is that all technicians are not created equal. In other words electrolysis is only as good as the technician.

  • Waxing, Sugaring, Shaving, Tweezing, and Depilatories

    Waxing - A painful way of removing hair. Waxing is temporary and can become very costly over time.

    Sugar Waxing - Sugaring is a completely natural form of hair removal. It is less messy than waxing but still only provides the same temporary results.

    Shaving - Shaving is the quickest and most affordable form of hair removal, but it is only a temporary solution. It can also cause cuts, irritations and ingrown hairs.

    Tweezing - The plucking of hairs with tweezers. It may cause pitting, scarring and ingrown hairs. While this method of hair removal is very quick and simple, it can cause damage to the hair follicles if not done properly.

    Depilatories - Depilatories are creams, aerosols, gels, lotions and roll-ons that are chemical based. When applied to the skin depilatories work to dissolve the unwanted hair.

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