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Laser Hair Removal Albany New York

Albany Laser Spa
116 Wolf Road
Albany, New York 12205
Phone: 518-482-5273
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Being the capital of New York State does have its perks. One perk is the ability for the people to get rid of unwanted hair with the use of Laser Hair Removal in Albany. Here you can come and get hair taken off any part of your body including head, arms, legs, bikini lines, chins, upper lips and eyebrows to name a few. With one in four women in Albany, New York suffering from unwanted hair growth on their face, it is good to know that Laser Hair Removal in Albany is here to help with the problem.

Since lasers have been around starting in the late 1990’s it would not be surprising if you were fully knowledgeable on the subject. Laser Hair Removal in Albany is a noninvasive procedure; this means there are no nicks, cuts or incisions to be made. After your treatment there will be no bandages or severe wounds to heal. In fact you will be able to go on with your normal activity when your treatment is complete. Treatment times range from 5-10 minutes on average but can last as little as 45 seconds or long as 90 minutes. Treatment times vary with the area being treated; smaller areas take less time than larger ones.

The laser essentially stops the hair from growing on the subcutaneous level in the follicle. It envelopes a 9x9mm area as quickly scans the targeted zone. Other treatments like electrolysis or tweezing require you to touch each follicle that you removed. Laser Hair Removal in Albany doesn’t do this and actually takes about one tenth of the time than these other treatments.

Once your first treatment is done, you will about 20% of the hair fall out within one and half to three weeks. Any follow up treatments will be scheduled about one to one and half months apart. Your technician will recommend that you neither sunbath nor tan at least a few weeks before or after your treatment begins. They will also recommend sun block with a 30SPF if you need to expose the area to the sun. In some cases the sun exposure has caused a skin pigment change. In other rare cases, the condition becomes a permanent. Also you will be asked to shave the target area the day before your treatment because it makes the laser work that much more efficiently.

Now we at Laser Hair Removal couldn’t offer any of this stuff without our two year guaranteed. The guarantee is just as it states, you can at any time from your last appointment decide you are not happy with the treatment area. So all you do is come back in and we will gladly redo the area at no cost to you. So what are you waiting for? You know that hair is not going to go away on its own and it will keep growing unless you come into Laser Hair Removal in Albany. All you have to do is pick up the phone and schedule an appointment or come in for a consultation. We love helping you look better!

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