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Laser Hair Removal Brentwood Tennessee

Nashville Laser Spa
2210 Crestmoor Road
Nashville, Tennessee 37215
Phone: 615.395.2022
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Do you ever have those days when you just wonder why do I have so much hair? Why me? If you are like me you have unwanted hair on your arms, underarms, legs, upper lip, bikini area and even your toes. This hair often causes me so much embarrassment. And if you are like me I tried everything out there to get rid of it. That is until I found out about Nashville Laser Spa.

I just like everyone else used to use a razor on a daily basis. Heck I would practically use up the hot water shaving. After all I had to shave everyday and by night I could feel the stubble. Sometimes I would have to soak in the tub because I would have a painful ingrown hair and sometimes I would get razor burn in embarrassing and even sensitive places. I have been in the middle of a private moment with my significant other and have had him tell me that I had to go shave before we could go any further. Talk about embarrassing. I have had days that I have gone to work just to realize that I forgot to shave my underarms or my legs and had people make comments. You know bad days.

One day I decided that I needed something that lasted a little longer to help save me from this embarrassment so I decided to give waxing a try. I tried it with my legs. I went on to the salon. The gal applied the hot wax to my legs, which actually felt good; after all it was a cool day outside. Than the bad part came, she applied a cloth above the wax and then ripped it off. I never knew that it was possible to rip that much hair from my legs that quickly. I screamed. I am sure that everyone on the block wondered what was going on in that salon; my guess was that occurred on a daily basis. Later I ended up buying a bunch of cold packs and laying them across my legs, they hurt so much. Hours later I was still in pain and I could hardly sleep that night. The next day I had a few blisters on my legs from getting burnt from the wax. Well that was the end of waxing.

Doing some research online I learned about Laser Hair Removal. Nashville Laser Spa offers it here locally. Laser Hair Removal is a permanent method of hair removal. Side effects are rare. The procedure does not hurt and there are no cuts or incisions of any kind. The only thing you should expect out of it is to lose hair. I picked up the phone and made my first appointment. You do have to go a few times to get rid of all the hair from a particular location. This is because your hair follicles are at different growth stages. You should expect that you will need between three and eight visits. The sessions are pretty quick but vary depending upon the size of the area. For example, armpits take about three minutes, facial hair less then five minutes. Larger areas take longer. Then there is the added benefit of the softest skin ever and it will stay like that for good. This is because your body will produce more collagen after the Laser Hair Removal session.

So take the first step call Nashville Laser Spa today.

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