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Laser Hair Removal Cleveland Ohio

Cleveland Laser Spa, LLC
13500 Pearl Road
Strongsville, Ohio 44136
Phone: 440-572-3733
Contact: Laser Hair Removal Cleveland Ohio
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Laser Hair Removal:

Can you think of any place in Cleveland, Ohio that has the ability to offer you a free consultation and a two year guarantee on services for Laser Hair Removal in Cleveland? We offer this because we are so confident that you will be satisfied with your treatment that you won’t need to try anything else. At Laser Hair Removal in Cleveland our number one priority is you the client. We give 110% to make sure you are getting the quality service that you need and deserve.

Many people find unwanted hair embarrassing to deal with in a public place, but you should know that you are not alone in your battle. Laser Hair Removal in Cleveland is completely safe and confidential in regards to clients needs. You can have any part of your body treated that has hair. This includes your eyebrows, chin, upper lip, head, shoulders, back, arms, legs underarms and bikini line. Most treatments take about ten minutes and have no adverse effects.

The first treatment will result in about 20% hair loss. It takes about ten days for the hair to steadily fall out and will happen for about three weeks total. The average client will need about six sessions that will be scheduled about one month apart. So your whole area can be completely treated within six months time.

Before any treatments you be shaving 24hrs in advance this will allow for optimal laser effectiveness. Do not have any tweezing or waxing treatments on the area as much as six weeks before as they can cause the laser to not work as effectively. You should never tan or expose the area to the sun two weeks before or after your visits. Sun exposure has been known to cause hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation which cause the skin in the area to change color or tone. While this condition typically lasts only a few weeks there have been some cases where the change became permanent.

The procedure itself is relatively laid back. You will come in at your scheduled time and relax with some cool looking protective glasses. The laser will interface with your body and will begin to attack the follicles with split second accuracy. The skin reacts to the laser with a great side effect of smoother silkier skin. This happens because the reaction from the skin comes in the form of collagen production. Collagen is normal occurring chemical in the body. As you get older your collagen production slows down causing the skin to become wrinkled and dry. The increased production makes your treatment area look invigorated and youthful. What more could you want from a hair removal treatment, hair loss and great skin to boot.

All you need to do is call or come in for a free consultation. Our accredited staff will take you through the Laser Hair Removal treatment and answer any questions you may have. Or you may have heard enough and know that Laser Hair Removal in Cleveland is exactly what you need, then you can call to schedule your first visit. Either way with the guarantee and the service we provide, you will not be disappointed in our treatment of your unwanted hair.

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