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Laser Hair Removal Nashville Tennessee

Nashville Laser Spa
2210 Crestmoor Road
Nashville, Tennessee 37215
Phone: 615-383-3331
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Living in Nashville is a blast with all the music – past, present and future. There is always something to do. Imagine what it would be like if when you friends called wanting to go out on the town if all you had to do was put on that black dress and run out the door. No more shaving and no more worrying about whether anyone would see that unwanted hair. Well Nashville residents you can have that wish now that Nashville Laser Spa is here. Laser Hair Removal offers you a permanent option for unwanted hair.

Laser Hair Removal at the Nashville Laser Spa is one of only two permanent hair removal methods available. Electrolysis is the other permanent hair removal method , but this treatment is known to be extremely painful and takes a very long time. Laser Hair Removal works by heating up the hair follicle until it is damaged until it can no longer grow any new hair. The hairs are damaged with the single blast of the laser wand. This blast of the laser doesn’t hurt nor does it cause you to require any stitches or cause any cuts of any kind. In order to reach every hair follicle repeat visits are needed. Typically between three and eight visits are needed to complete the treatment. Once the treatment is complete you get an added bonus of softer and silkier skin then you have ever had. This is because the laser stimulates the body to produce collagen. Collagen helps the skin look youth and keeps its elasticity.

Electrolysis has been around for over 100 years. It works using electricity, an electric current is delivered to the skin through a prod. The current is increased until the hair falls out. The biggest drawback to electrolysis is the amount of time it takes. Each hair must be individually treated as the prod must be inserted into every hair follicle and the electric current must be increased until that hair falls out and then the technician goes on to the next hair. Also, there is the drawback of the number of sessions needed. With electrolysis you will need between 15 and 30 sessions just to complete the treatment as compared to three to eight with Laser Hair Removal. This means that with electrolysis it can take up to 36 months just to finish.

To help you prepare for Laser Hair Removal you should cover the area with sunscreen two weeks before and after your sessions. Not doing so could cause you to end up with skin discoloration after your treatments. Also stop waxing and tweezing as these methods make it difficult for the laser to identify the hair follicles. If you tend to get nervous during medical procedures stop drinking coffee and soda 24 hours before your procedure. This will help calm your nerves and help better prepare you and your body. One day before your procedure you need to prepare your skin by shaving the area.

Nashville Laser Spa wants you to come in and learn more about Laser Hair Removal Nashville by coming in for a consultation. At the consultation we will select the right laser for you based on your hair and skin color. The only thing missing now is you give us a call today.


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