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Laser Hair Removal Rochester New York

Laser Hair Removal Rochester
Pittsford Laser Spa
3300 Monroe Ave, Suite 201
Phone: 585-794-5541
Website: Pittsford Laser Spa

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When looking for the best hair removal method most of us almost try it all before ending up at Laser Hair Removal in Rochester. Shaving is the most obvious choice. It is an easy and quick method of getting rid of unwanted hair. That is until your face starts breaking out or you get an ingrown hair or you get razor burn. Then shaving doesn’t seem that great especially when you need to do it again within a day or two. Not to mention that once you start to shave, the hair will usually grow back again darker and firmer.

There are other choices that you can try like waxing or tweezing. Both give you about the same number of days of relief from the unwanted hair growth. This is about two weeks. It only lasts this long because the hair is pulled from the follicles. When you talk about waxing, pulled is probably is gentle way to describe it. It really is a ripping of the hair from the follicle after the wax has been applied and a cloth is laid over top of it before the ripping ensues. Now tweezing is not as painful as waxing, but the pain from tweezing comes from the amount of time you need to spend doing it. You must pull each individual hair follicle in the area. Some jokers say that it takes so long that when you are done the first hairs you started with have already grown back. But, seriously tweezing is a very drawn out process and who really has the time to do that.

Another option that is available is electrolysis. Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal system. However, it happens to combine the ugly qualities of the pain from waxing and the long time of tweezing into one process. Sounds great! Yeah I know, it really isn’t fun to have a metal prod inserted below the skin and touches the follicles with an intense heat that burns the root. It tends to leave people with burns and blisters. Some of these after effects turn to permanent scars. The whole process of electrolysis can take as much as four years to complete.

The last and best option for anyone looking to get rid of unwanted hair is Laser Hair Removal in Pittsford. Laser Hair Removal in Rochester gives you one of the most efficient ways to lose the hair. Our professional staff with our superior lasers will show you how the lasers work to burn the follicle at the root without the pain or severe side effects that electrolysis will give you. Also the lasers work at ten times the speed of electrolysis for individual sessions and almost all laser treatments for a specific area can be completed in six months time. Laser Hair Removal in Rochester not only gets rid of unwanted hair but also gives you silk-like skin in place of the hair. As a coincidental side effect our lasers cause an increase in the production of collagen by the skin making your skin younger and firmer. Just give us a call to schedule your appointment today or for any other questions you may have.


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