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Laser Hair Removal Springfield Missouri

Laser Hair Removal in Springfield Missouri offers a faster, less painful solution to unwanted hair. The caring bedside manner of our team of medical experts puts patients at ease and inspires confidence. With multiple FDA approved lasers, our procedures are tailored to the customer's individual skin and hair types. We offer patients the most effective solution for permanent hair reduction.

The Alexandrite Laser: with its adjustable spot size and fast repetition rate, the Alexandrite laser is the fastest laser hair removal system currently on the market today.  By targeting the melanin within the hair follicle, the Alexandrite provides effective treatments for those with dark hair and light to olive skin tones and can treat large areas, like a man's back, in about 30 minutes. Along with the Diode laser, the Alexandrite is the most widely used laser hair removal system today.  This machine is very effective on those with lighter skin tones and darker hair; skin types I, II and III.  Those with darker skin tones are deterred from undergoing treatment with this machine. 

Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal method currently on the market today. The Electrolysis procedure is performed by an electrologist with a tool called an 'Epilator'. The electrologist will treat each individual hair by inserting a tiny surgical probe into the follicle in order to direct an impulse of energy down to the root of the hair. Each energy pulse will cause localized damage to the area surrounding the hair. When inserted correctly, the tiny probe will not puncture the skin; instead it will slide directly into the follicle. This process is very slow and exact, but the time and care taken ensures permanent results.

Hair removal by Electrolysis can not be completed in one treatment, it is a weakening process. Each treatment will cause the hairs directly treated to die, but the impulse of energy will stimulate new hair growth directly around the previously damaged area. The stimulated hair will grow in finer and thinner until its growth stops completely.  Electrolysis can take up to four years to be successfully completed. The time needed will be based on the area that is being treated as well as the patients hair depth and density. While all other hair removal methods are fast and easier, only Electrolysis can guarantee permanent results.


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