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Laser Hair Removal Syracuse New York

Syracuse Laser Spa
3409 Erie Blvd East
Marshall Plaza
DeWitt, NY 13214
Phone: 315-445-2737
Contact: Laser Hair Removal Syracuse New York
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Laser Hair Removal In Syracuse New York

There are many people who live in Syracuse, New York that deal with unwanted hair growth or hair over growth on a daily basis. Some choose to fight the condition with home remedies of waxing, shaving or tweezing. Others do nothing at all and hope a doctor will discover what the problem is and give them a magic pill to stop the hair from growing. Unfortunately these people soon find out that the best doctor may not know the quickest way to get rid of unwanted hair. Sometimes unwanted hair can grow because a medication prescribed by a doctor. Other times it can grow because of a metabolic change in the body. Still other times the hair grows because it is part of your genetic makeup. The most important thing to remember is that this unwanted hair growth is not your fault; it can happen to anyone and does happen to a lot more people than you might suspect.

So what can you do for this ugly growth of hair on your body? Home remedies are good as an immediate solution but those effects are only temporary. The best option is Syracuse Laser Spa. Here the professionally trained technicians can show you how easily and effectively lasers can remove your unwanted hair.

The lasers attack the hair at the follicle rendering it useless for good. The hair does not grow back and you can lead a hair free life afterwards. Sessions last about fifteen minutes on average but many take only a few minutes. The time it takes will vary depending on the size of the area and the amount of hair that needs to be removed. Syracuse Laser Spa can treat any area of hair on the body such as arms, legs, chin, eyebrows, upper lip and bikini lines. The sessions are so short that many people choose to have a couple of areas treated at the one session. It will usually take a few sessions to get a completed cycle. Many areas are completed in six months or less because appointments will be scheduled about four weeks about with the average number of sessions being three to eight. Within ten days of the first session and the next week and half from the tenth day, you will lose about 20% of the hair from the treated area.

Laser Hair Removal at Syracuse Laser Spa is the safest way to remove hair from your body because it is noninvasive. So you will not need any gels applied, incisions made or bandages afterwards. There are no major side effects to Laser Hair Removal in Syracuse. There is one great after effect, that is the laser causes the skin to produce more collagen a natural skin rejuvenator. This will make you look younger with firmer looking skin. So you get rid of your unwanted hair and get great skin as an added bonus. If there ever was a “magic pill” for hair removal Syracuse Laser Spa is it. Just give them a call or stop by the salon to schedule your appointment today.

For more information, contact laser hair removal in Syracuse New York today!

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